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We specialize in helping women who suffer from pelvic, urinary or sexual health issues. Dr. McWhorter will work with you to get to the root of your issues and find real solutions to get you back to high function, hopefully even better than you ever were.

Do you suffer from:

  • Urinary leaks that occur when coughing, laughing, or exercising?
  • Accidents from waiting too long for the restroom?
  • Vaginal dryness, difficulty with lubrication?
  • Sexual health issues such as difficulty being aroused, painful sex, and trouble reaching orgasm?
  • Labial collagen loss?


Female Sexual Enhancement

diva Laser

Vaginal Therapy

Wing Lift

Female Aesthetic Treatment


Stress urinary Incontinence

BioIdentical Hormones

Hocatt Ozone

Sauna Therapy

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Our mission is to offer you the latest tools and treatment options to help with the toughest problems patients face. We emphasize preventive and natural measures to restore youthfulness and help maintain an active lifestyle.

Our Practice

Most people present to us with a problem or diagnosis that has just gone on way too long. They are tired of being labeled and just given medicines. They are tired of being labeled incontinent, heart patient or chronically depressed. They are tired of the solutions that have been offered. They may already have had treatments, like surgeries or medicines causing significant side effect. They learn of us from a friend who is urging them on or find us from googling their specific problem and they see something they pray can help them. As a team it gives us great satisfaction to present highly effective strategies that have dramatically helped those with similar problems or diagnoses. We love bringing technologies that patients could only dream existed. We try to get patients where they need to be in the quickest, safest, least expensive way.

Ryan McWhorter, MD

Medical Director

Maranda Kervin

Procedure Coordinator

Pam Gabehart

Adminstrative Assistant



“So, ladies, let me tell you.  If you’re skeptical about having the Diva laser, get over those fears and go for it.  Not only was I afraid of the procedure itself, I did not want to have my private parts on “display.”  I decided to go for it, as I was having leakage issues.  The procedure was a piece of cake.  After one session, that little leakage problem was totally improved.  Oh, and the little worry I had about being on “display?”  I’m not sure how Dr. McWhorter pulled it off, but I never felt exposed or even a tiny bit embarrassed.  I’ve never felt so at ease at any doctor appointment.  Five star rating.”


“When Dr. McWhorter suggested the O-shot, I was a little nervous. But the hope and the return of enjoyment during sex, and improvement in my mild incontinence gave me the nerve to try it. I was amazed when my incontinence stopped in the first week and my sex life has never been better.”


Auburn, AL



3 Ways the O-Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

3 Ways the O-Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

Women typically experience sexual dysfunction because of three main reasons - pregnancy and delivery, aging, and medical conditions. Any of these causes can result in difficulty in achieving orgasm or even, being unable to have intercourse. The O-shot is a...

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