Women are complex humans and their sex lives involve not just their anatomy, but also their psychology and emotions. To have satisfying sex lives, women need to connect with their partners and have a relationship.

For this reason, any kind of trauma, whether mental or physical, can affect how you perceive intimacy and if you can enjoy sex like it’s meant to be.

Physical Trauma Changes How Women See Their Bodies

Any kind of illness, injury, pregnancy and childbirth, or even, life-altering surgery can change how women view their bodies and their confidence levels. Social media and false impressions of what their bodies should look like affects self-esteem and confidence levels in bed.

If a woman considers herself unattractive, it could impair her enjoyment of sexual relations. Here are some other kinds of physical trauma that can impact your sex life:

  • Changing hormones after conceiving and after giving birth can affect your libido
  • Possible trauma during natural deliveries like an episiotomy or altering of the genital structure takes away confidence
  • Development of scar tissue that affects the elasticity of the vagina leads to pain on penetration
  • Incontinence after delivery or as a result of aging can result in women feeling nervous about sharing a bed or having intercourse
  • Aging and waning hormones can lead to a lack of lubrication and painful penetration
  • History of sexual abuse, sexual assault, or childhood abuse

Painful sex is both a cause and an effect of physical trauma. The fear of pain makes women dread the act to a point where their muscles involuntarily contract and make penetration all the more painful.

Physical Trauma Adds to Emotional Disconnection

In most cultures, women feel the burden of having to keep their partners satisfied in bed. For this reason, it is possible that you would rather bear the pain than talk about needing more stimulation or wanting to feel a connection.

Many women end up resenting their partners for making demands on their bodies and not understanding their fears and discomfort. The resentment and stress of performing in bed can again lead to psychological distancing. Interestingly, not being able to discuss their problems, makes women accept that pain is a part of intercourse without knowing about the concept of orgasms or sexual gratification.

Conversely, a broken relationship or betrayal in the past can make it hard for women to trust new partners again.

Any Kind of Trauma Creates a Vicious Cycle

Since physical intimacy is the underlying factor of any relationship, unsatisfactory sex life can affect your marriage and long-term bonds.

If you’ve been sensing such problems, it’s time to explore the reasons for the pain. With the right treatment and counseling, it is possible for you to live life as a complete woman.

Here are some of the options your medical practitioner might suggest:

  • Hormone optimization using plant-based supplements to improve lubrication and libido
  • Minimally-invasive treatments that involve injecting PRP or hyaluronic acid into the tissues of the vagina to repair elasticity and take away the pain
  • Procedures that can repair the external structure of the vagina and improve confidence
  • Non-invasive options that repair the walls of the vaginal walls using fractional laser technology
  • Following a bladder training program to relieve incontinence

If any kind of physical or emotional trauma is affecting your sex life and the relationship you share with your partner, know that help is at hand. Speak out about your problems and ask about the best options available to you.

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