Functional Pelvic Health For Women

Who Are Tired of Endlessly Searching for Short-Term Solutions To Their Long-term Health Problems

No more bandaids or solutions for symptoms–it’s time to partner with a functional medicine healthcare team that’s invested in long-term solutions for total body healing.

Welcome to a space dedicated to your well-being. I’m Dr. Ryan McWhorter, and for over two decades, I’ve been fighting for women to experience life without pain, discomfort and disease in their most intimate areas. If you’re tired of the symptoms affecting your daily life, from pelvic pain to vulvodynia to low libido and energy–you’re in the right place. Let’s embark on a journey towards functional pelvic healing, tailored just for you.

Our approach goes beyond conventional methods; we focus on the root causes to provide long-lasting relief and whole-person healing. From getting to the bottom of lifelong pelvic pain to enhancing intimate well-being, we’ve got you covered.

We combine functional medicine with cutting-edge technology to help women naturally heal from: bladder leaks, pelvic pain, painful intercourse, sexual dysfunction, hormone imbalance, Lichen Sclerosus, Vulvodynia, Interstitial Cystitis, and more.

Healing is possible in as little as three months. Reach out now, before you reach the point of hopelessness, to set up a consultation and begin your journey to healing.

Did you know…

Unexplained vaginal pain affects 25% of all women at some point in their lifetime and around 8% of women at any one time–and no one’s talking about it. Crippling pain in your most intimate area is not normal.

We have a special place in our hearts for women who fight the unseen battle of Vulvodynia. Are you experiencing vulvodynia-related challenges such as painful intercourse (if you can even get that far), consistent burning or itching, or vaginismus? We specialize in guiding women to find long-lasting freedom from Vulvodynia through personalized solutions. We want to help you heal at the root cause and bring your pleasure back to life (or maybe even for the first time).

Join us on our free monthly Zoom call to learn more about what you’re battling and how to break free once and for all through functional medicine.

About Female Pelvic Specialty Care

  Functional Pelvic Health and Pelvic Health Treatment.

We aim to resolve pelvic issues with non-surgical solutions.
We bring a team of compassionate RN’s, Nurse practitioner, and physician Ryan McWhorter, MD with advanced training in the full range of pelvic conditions.
Our goal is to help women return to their greatest health days yet. We will take a deep dive into their bio-identical hormones and why they are not working. We will look at the whole body that affects her energy, mood, and desire and outline a personalized care plan that will make you have the best health days yet.

PELVIC Conditions


Urinary Incontinence

Pelvic Pain

Sexual Dysfunction

Interstitial Cystitis

Low Libido

Hormone Issues

Lifelong Anorgasmia

Unable to Enjoy Sex

We have the support that you need to heal and feel better fast. We can remove suffering from these painful and frustrating issues.

PELVIC Treatments

Diva Laser


Emsella Incontinence Chair

HOcatt Ozone Sauna

Bioidentical Hormones

Wing Lift

Full Body Detoxification


With the most technologically advanced treatments available combined with world-class support, true healing is possible.

Delivering Care Through Innovative Technology 


Ryan Mcwhorter, MD – Pelvic Health Specialist


Interest Available on Most Procedures



“When Dr. McWhorter suggested the O-shot, I was a little nervous. But the hope of enjoyment during sex, and improvement in my mild incontinence gave me the nerve to try it. I was amazed when my incontinence stopped in the first week and my sex life has never been better.”

“Dr. McWhorter is a master!  I have seen over 10 different doctors without any positive results.  After my first visit I started seeing improvement.  It’s really unbelievable the tools he has to improve female sexual health.  I feel like I’m in my 20’s again.”

Jane P. / Auburn, AL

“Ladies, let me tell you.  If you’re skeptical about having the Diva laser, get over those fears and go for it.  Not only was I afraid of the procedure itself, I did not want to have my private parts on “display.”  I decided to go for it, as I was having leakage issues.  The procedure was a piece of cake.  After one session, that little leakage problem was totally improved.  Oh, and the little worry I had about being on “display?”  I’m not sure how Dr. McWhorter pulled it off, but I never felt exposed or even a tiny bit embarrassed.  I’ve never felt so at ease at any doctor appointment.  Five star rating.”


Diva Wow! As Great As It Gets.

I wish I could give six stars for Dr McWhorter and the Diva treatment that cured my post-menopause sexual dysfunction and restored everything to it’s much happier and pleasant state! diva tyte was very helpful too! I have one more treatment to go and already there has been a profound improvement. No more dryness and pain, no more incontinence. I’m a happy patient! I will post more after the final treatment.

Our Patient Process

Initial Phone Consultation

We understand the sensitive feelings surrounding these intimate issues.  That’s why it’s best if we jump on the phone for a few minutes, allow you to ask questions, and then schedule your consultation if it is a good fit for you.

Visit Our Office

Our procedures are done in office, are very simple, and have very little downtime.  Some of our procedures may require you to have multiple visits to begin to see lasting results.  Our staff is highly trained to help support you on your healing journey.

Eliminate Problems

Our patients are experiencing amazing, life changing results.  Visit our Testimonials page to read more about their experiences.  We will do whatever it takes to get you feeling better.  Our treatments are safe and effective and will get lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal to NOT want to have sex?

It is not normal, but it is common, but it has to do with how effective our hormone systems are, what type of medication we might be on, what our quality of their life is like, and obviously it depends on the relationship.  We love to help people figure out, no matter how severe the problem, we can almost certainly get you back to feeling your absolute best which includes having an active and highly pleasurable sex life.

Is there a non-surgical solution to “sneezing and peeing?”

Yes. We have multiple ways (Over 5) to reverse this very common and frustrating condition.  Our patients are happy to learn that these are quick, office based, painless procedures, that hit a home run in this department.  Call now to schedule your consultation.

Is Sex always painful for some women?

In a healthy women, there should be no pain. With age there are changes that take place in the female body that are easily reversible.  At Female Pelvic Specialty Care (Alabama Functional Medicine) we go through several steps to find out what exactly the problem is.  We are confident that we have a solution that will stop the pain and get you back into enjoying sex once again. There is almost always a way we can help to improve this condition.

How can I have an orgasm during intercourse?

Science says that the distance of the clitoris, to the vaginal opening determines the frequency, in in some instances the ability, to have an orgasm.  Only 1 in 3 women are able to achieve orgasms during intercourse.  Our O-shot can dramatically help this condition and quickly improve your ability to orgasm and climax during sex.  Generally, women “on top” is the best position to achieve orgasm. Optimizing your hormones can also make a huge impact in this area.

Is there anything that you can do to also help my husband?

Yes.  Although there are many things to help women, there have always been many more things to help men.  We offer several solutions to help Men get back to a younger version of themselves.  These procedures are available at our clinic and a lot of couples choose to do the procedures together.  In fact, we warn women when we do procedures on them, that more often than not, their man will feel like they need something to keep up.


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3 Ways the O-Shot Can Improve Your Sex Life

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