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O-Shot ®

For those women experiencing stress in their relationship from a decreased sex drive, difficulty with arousal or achieving orgasm, lack of enjoyment of sex, and even painful sex, we want to let you know about a revolutionary procedure, called the O-Shot®, that can help resolve these problems.  Painless, effective, and long-lasting, the O-Shot® improves sensation, leading to increased sex drive, stronger arousal, and more satisfying orgasms.

O-Shot ® Benefits

An equally incredible benefit of The O-Shot® is the resolution of urinary incontinence in 90% of women who are given the treatment. If you have found yourself limiting social engagements and avoiding venues without adequate restroom facilities, this procedure could restore your confidence and your freedom.

Even difficult conditions like Lichen Sclerosus and Interstitial Cystitis can be managed through use of the O-Shot®. If you know anyone with these dreaded conditions, who is dissatisfied with their results from conventional therapies, please let them know there is an alternative.

In our experience the O-Shot® offers such incredible hope that we believe all women should be aware of its potential to improve satisfaction and restore confidence.

Benefits following the O-Shot®:


Increased natural lubrication


Increased sexual desire & ability to have a vaginal orgasm


Resolved urinary incontinence


Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation


Younger, smoother skin of the vulva


A tighter introitus


Stronger & more frequent orgasms


Decreased pain for those with dyspareunia


Decreased mesh pain

We would like to discuss the ways we can help you with these concerns. Call our staff at (334) 454-3106 to schedule an appointment or fill out the appointment box at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

Frequently Asked Questions About


Is O-Shot procedure available to non-members?

Yes. The O-Shot® is available to non-members.

Has Dr. McWhorter been certified for this procedures?

Yes. Dr. McWhorter received certification after training with Dr. Charles Runels, inventor of the O-Shot®. Dr. McWhorter is also a member of the Cellular Medicine Association.

Why would a woman choose to have the O-Shot®?

For most women who experience low-arousal, inability to orgasm, or urinary incontinence the O-Shot® may help you regain these vital elements of the female sexual function.

Who can have the O-Shot®?

Any adult with concerns about function and appearance is a candidate for this PRP application.

How long does the procedure take in your office?

The entire process takes a little over one hour in our office.

Is the procedure painful?

We use an excellent numbing cream to significantly minimize pain. The majority of patients experience no pain at all. A few have reported a slight burning sensation for a short time. If you are more sensitive to pain, feel free to take Turmeric or Tylenol a couple of hours before the procedure. Arnica is popular as well, before and after the procedure.

How much does O-Shot procedure cost?
O-Shot®: $1,200.00 O-Shot®/Vampire Wing Lift™ Combo: $1,900.00 Please ask our staff about additional combination discounts when you make your appointment.

Ryan McWhorter, MD

Female Pelvic Health Specialist / Board Certified Integrative Medicine

After I had established myself as a family care physician I lost my father figure due to heart disease. He was too young for this to happen and, like everyone, I thought there has to be a better way to predict, and try to prevent, these conditions. It was a real turning point in my career, leading me to seek advanced cardiovascular training. One conference led to another, and I realized new and better therapies, that make a real difference, do exist.

I am amazed daily by the light-speed advancement of modern medicine, whether it involves relieving severe joint pain, reversing cardiac disease, new options for cancer support, eliminating urinary incontinence, or improving erectile dysfunction. Each day I hope to learn something new and exciting to assist my patients in restoring and maintaining the health they want to achieve. It is a true passion to bring help to those who need to enjoy life again.


Gayle S.

“They are all so caring and helpful. He’s so personable and we’re so glad to be able to turn to him.”


Hands down he’s the best Doctor! Such a God fearing and understanding man thats very compassionate about his job.


I have had several HOCATT appointments and it has been Awesome!! I have really noticed the difference in my overall health.

Ashley M.

Dr McWhorter and his staff are incredible. They have surely impacted my health and my life in all positive ways.

Windy W.

All staff are very professional but at the same time very personable. You feel like your well being is their main concern.

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