A staggering 1 in 8 women will now develop this dreaded disease. For many women who have been through the trauma of breast cancer, the only focus is on surviving.

After the breast cancer treatment is successful, and a woman begins to return to a healthy life, other problems can arrive. Certainly one of the hardest problem is lack of intimacy.

It’s true that some side effects of breast cancer treatment can dramatically impact your sex life.

Physical Changes

Hormone therapy may cause a loss of desire as well as vaginal changes that can make intercourse painful.

According to research, this loss of libido and difficulty having sex are common complaints among breast cancer survivors.

More than two-thirds of those women surveyed as breast cancer survivors reported that they were still having sexual function problems two years after diagnosis. Up to 80% of women are not able to ever achieve intercourse- let alone the real passionate and mind-blowing sex that was possible before breast cancer.

In particular, vaginal dryness related to aromatase inhibitor use were among the most frequently mentioned complaints.

Mental and Emotional Changes

Although any serious illness in either partner can disrupt a sexual and intimate relationship, breast cancer can cause unique problems for women.

Some women may feel their body has ‘betrayed’ them. And, after months of treatment, they may feel detached or disconnected from the pleasure their body once gave them. This emotional distance is common and can be part of the trauma of surviving breast cancer.

Body image issues may also affect how a woman views sex, as well as their sexuality. How you look and feel about yourself impacts your ability to be intimate. It can take time to become comfortable with yourself again.

Anxiety and depression can also impact your sexuality, and if you feel changes in your mood after the treatment has ended this is something to be aware of and monitor.

Rekindling The Desire for Sex After Breast Cancer

Even if your sexual activity decreases or stops entirely during and after your treatment, you may want to maintain a level of closeness with your partner.

Even though you may not feel like having sex, you can find please in holding hands, hugging, kissing, or finding your ways of being intimate.

Sexual activity can also include touch and other signs of affection that don’t always lead to intercourse but still result in pleasure.

Be Open and Honest With Your Partner

Some women who have breast-sparing surgery may no longer enjoy having their breasts touched during sex. This is because it reminds them of their cancer and treatment.

Open communication between partners is an essential step towards getting back to healthy sexuality.

Partners may be confused or unsure of the best way to show support and affection. They may retreat or wait for cues about when to resume an intimate or sexual relationship.

Remember that both partners may be waiting for the other one to make the first move. Your partner may be afraid of hurting you, or fearful that you’ll think he’s pushing you to have sex when you’re not ready simply by asking about it.

Discussing each person’s fears and hopes and comforting each other can help you and your partner have a satisfying sexual relationship.

At the end of the day, open communication is the most crucial factor. Talk with your partner about what you’re comfortable with, and what you’re not. Women talk with him at the kitchen table.  Let him know how you are thinking. He’s dying to know and men are sometimes terrible at reading clues. Men make sure you remind her that she is the object of your passion. No matter where that leads keep letting her know. Now more than effort she wants to feel desired.

If you are looking to rekindle your sexual relationship after serious health issues, we are here to help. The Female Pelvic Specialty Care team will help you find solutions to your physical problems and overcome some of the mental and emotional challenges as well. Reach out today to see how we can support you.  Let us know you have had breast cancer for a special package that is guaranteed to please. Every breast cancer survivor should know about nonhormonal, nonsurgical advances that promise a return to wonderful sex. Call 334-454-4448 for more information.

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