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Schedule a consultation for a nonsurgical, drug free solution! Stop pain caused by vulvodynia.

What is vulvodynia?

Most women don’t know that severe vaginal pain has a name.  And in the case of vulvodynia we are not talking about some dryness and irritation as with menopause, in this case we are talking about a generally lifelong unimaginable vaginal pain that makes any touch unbearable.  PAP smear exams, tampons, sexual exploration all impossible or nearly impossible due to indescribable pain.  Tragically many women live their whole lives without answers.  If any part of your private parts has a significant pain that you don’t understand you may be dealing with vulvodynia. Other names can include vestibulodynia, vaginismus (different problem yet often confused), clitorodynia, chronic yeast (also different), or just burning vagina.  Typically vulvodynia is associated with shame and disbelief. Conceiving children is nearly impossible due to the degree of inability to have intercourse.

Stop the burning that cripples intimacy and receive pleasure like your body was designed to. 

How We Can Help

We offer a unique and leading edge approach to treating the burning, searing, ripping sexual pain associated with vulvodynia. When indescribable pain destroys what should be indescribable pleasure, we bring answers to help women just like you.  We reduce pain fast and help women get to enjoying their time in the bedroom.

  • Fast

  • Safe

  • No downtime

  • Nonsurgical

  • Opioid free

  • Proven

  • Successful

  • Long-term

  • Consistent improvement

  • Custom

  • Painless

  • Discrete

“….My pain was so bad I couldn’t even insert the smallest tampon- ever!…”
“….despair as my perfect relationship seemed doomed…”
“There was no where to turn for answers.  How could there be no effective answers after 6 doctors?!…”
“….when I explained my vulvodynia pain to my Pelvic Physical Therapist I could see it in her face that she probably couldn’t help me….”
“…Sex was almost never possible, now my husband that can’t keep up!”
“…. the worst of all was the shame.  It was a nightmare, repeated over and over.”

When technology, Functional Medicine,  and innovation meet, you can be restored to ideal pelvic health.


Suzy S.

Montgomery, AL

Dr. McWhorter saved my marriage!  He is such an amazing healer and is compassionate, understanding, and gets to the root cause of what you are dealing with.  So grateful for his help!

Jane Peros

Auburn, AL

I was a mess.  Had no desire, pain during sex…I thought my days of enjoying sex were over.  I am so glad I came in to see Dr. McWhorter.  I am back to enjoying sex, feeling more confident and just overall feel better.  Best thing I ever did.

What We Do

You don’t have to suffer anymore.

Have you accepted the “fact” that there is nothing that can be done about your pain that may be associated with vulvodynia (or clitorodynia, vaginismus, vestibulitis, or chronic yeast infections)? Overcoming the often fixed belief of that so called “fact” is typically the hardest part of the treatment. [So many times a woman has heard “get wasted”, or meditate, try dilators, Pelvic Floor PT and it will get better.  Well, but what if it doesn’t?”]

Are you tired of searching for so-called “solutions” that never really seem to help? Have you bought into the “fact” that “there is no cure.”

We know there is nothing as distressing for a woman as vulvodynia and vaginal opening pain. It is a constant disappointment and hopelessness that you both experience as the vaginal opening will not tolerate entry of anything, let alone provide pleasure. It is a health condition that nightmares are made of.  Wedding joy and honeymoon expectations are replaced with times of pure anguish.

We Get It

And we are so glad that you found us.

Women find us when they’re frustrated with the options their doctors have given them and they keep searching for something better- a real answer !

By the time women find us they often know more than experienced OB-Gyns and yet they have tried “everything” to fix their pain. They have privately suffered and are beyond that and are extremely resolved to find an answer.  Others seriously considered a major surgery where the painful opening tissue is removed in a procedure called Vestibulectomy.

Just wait until you see what we can offer

We are here to provide hope.  We are here to show you our natural,  nonsurgical,  opioid- free solution to restore Pelvic function. These solutions actually work.

It’s time to stop covering up the pain and get to the root cause. First it is not your fault. There is nothing wrong with you! You are not broken.

It’s What We Do

No more sleepless nights of despair wondering what is wrong with you.

No more endless chat rooms searching for minor successes.

No more inserting Valium hoping tonight will be different .

Quit hoping it will settle down even after all these years and years.

Quit avoiding soft touches with your spouse because it might “lead to something” and just another failure.

Regarding intercourse, learn what all the fuss really was about

Avoid surgery/removal of the painful part

Experience pleasure that you deserve

Express and receive love like you had hoped it would be

Avoid casual sex life discussions with friends because they wouldn’t understand

Pain-free sex is possible

When no amount of foreplay, pain pills, alcohol, Valium  suppositories, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, or meditation solves your pain, we can help. Learn why women travel to experience a revolution in their lives.  Make an appointment and begin your treatment that day. No downtime.

We will be helping women a lot like you this week. We want you to be the next.

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